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My last post in this blog!

Can you believe it?!?!

Weisheng did something to show his Obedience to God!

He deleted all the games he had in his computer!

Oh gosh, can you imagine it? Do you know how hard it is to take this step of faith for Him?

How can he live without computer games in his life?

He has been playing games since the age of 6 years old!

Now he has finally and completely place everything at the feet of Jesus!

So amazing, so wonderful, so beautifully loved!

Thank You Lord, You moved in me, You gave me courage, You let me seek refuge, You cover me with your grace, your compassion, your mercy! How great You can be Lord. You saved me from the darkness, You show me the Light. You called me, and now your faithful servant is here. Giving all, giving completely unto You alone... Only You ALONE!


Wednesday, January 17, 2007 0 comments

Hey! New blogskin! credited to Mindy for helping me choose. haha. Though I have afew up my sleeves, and wanting to put them up but still, I respect Mindy's choice! It's nice isn't it? A throne so worthy of God's majesty. A throne so high that no words could express, no thoughts could imagine. (:

This is going to be a short post. Yes a short one. Was scanning through my devotional guide and yes I found something to do with Being Reconciled. I was very touched by God's amazing words. It's about restoring relationships. Jesus did not include an excepton clause for our reconciliation. If the person is an enemy, Jesus said to love him(Matt. 5:44). If he is to persecutes you, you are to pray for him(v.44). If she pubilicly humiliates you, you are not to retaliate(v.39). If someone takes advantage of you, you are to give even more than he asks(v.41). Jesus taught us to deny ourselves when coming before the throne of God. His concern wasn't about His disicples being treated fairly or not but that they show unconditional love to others regardless of how they were being treated. Don't comfort yourself with the thought of "God knows that I tried to make things right, but my enemy refused." God's word does not say "Try to be reconciled, but Be reconciled."

I thank God for all these, because it made me grow closer with Him. For all the disputes, arguements or even hatred and such. I'm glad that it did not discourage me with my walk with Jesus. I'm thankful that it made me even want to praise God for who He is and what He had done on me.

Come to think of it, I'm extremly caution with my words nowadays. I guess that it's because I don't want to hurt others in the process of being too out-spoken or speaking aimlessly. I know thru this time of being moulded, I hurt others with my prideful words, my stubbornness and my one-sided thinking. I know it's wrong for me to do this, for I know this is what that is not pleasing in His sight. God opposes the Proud but gives grace to the Humble.(James 4:6). I will in the future, speak with righteousness and also words spoken with the thoughts of going thru my mind.

PS: I also want to thank God for using me. This sunday I can join the powerkids ministry in hope of bringing more unconditional love to others. I want to do this for this is what the disciples are doing, cause I know it's time for me to share my love with the kids. (:

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Hello blogstalkers. Haha, had some spare time so why not blog huh? (:

What about me, oh been going through my lazy afternoons around like nobody's business. Haha. These few days don't have work again, cause boss went on vacation. Ahh, so unstable. Very on and off. Have a feeling of looking up for another job. Any intro-s? (:

Come to think of it, I'm quite fasicnated by disney stuffs. Haha, I'm not sure why but whenever I see something to do with disney things, I will be captured by it's presence. I was listening to Mervin's CD, Disney Magic. It's a collection of all time favourite disney shows. It's nice, touching songs with a sense of closeness.

One I came across was by Kenny Loggins - Your heart will lead you home.

Sunny days and starry nights and lazy afternoons
You're counting castles in the clouds and humming little tunes.
But somehow right before your eyes the sun fades away,
Everything is different and everything has changed

If you feel lost
And on your own
And far from home
You're never alone you know
Just think of your friends
The ones who care
They all will be waiting there
With love to share
And your heart will lead you home

Funny how a photograph
Can take you back in time
To places and races that you thought you'd left behind
Trying to remind you that you're not the only one
That no-one is an island when all is said and done

If you feel lost
And on your own
And far from home
You're never alone you know
Just think of your friends
The ones who care
They all will be waiting there
With love to share
And your heart will lead you home

There'll come a day when you're losing your way
And you won't know where you belong
They say that home is where the heart is
So follow your heart and know that you can't go wrong.

If you feel lost
And on your own
And far from home
You're never alone you know
Just think of your friends
The ones who care
They all will be waiting there
With love to share
And your heart will lead you ... home....

Great song huh? It touched me, really. Guess whenever I feel lost, I will be reminded of this song. That home is where our heart belongs. Anyone who wants to listen to this song let me know ok, I will send you thru msn. (:

Apart from God, musics are simply just part of my life, without it I guess it does make a difference. (:

Blog another time~ To be continued.

Thursday, January 11, 2007 0 comments

Wow. It's been 2 weeks since I last blogged. Haha. Sorry for any inconvience caused. (:

What have I been busy with lately? Guess everyone knows it already! Haha. MAPLE! A growing level 50 bandit-sin~ Finally reached 50. I'm actually quite happy I can reach in such a short period of time. Thank God for everything. He has really been so GOOD to weisheng. haha.weisheng thank God for all the prayers that were answered, all the strength to carry on. for simply EVERYTHING. (:

This post should be a short one i guess. I'm tired! haha. finally tired eh. Just some few words for people.

ximin : hey, i'm not sure whether you will read my blog anot. If you ever come across this, please read it. yes I want to talk to you. I know you haven't been feeling very good lately. I'm not sure why, maybe I know but ya I really hope you are okay. Just to want to say Thank You so much for everything. For every single thing you gave me. I know i haven't been giving you much, not treating you good enough, whileas others get more of what you should deserve. I'm sorry. I know I'm at wrong. I will be trying ok? But first I hope you can come church, it's been really long since you last came. God is waiting all right? (: lets go out soon! Miss those times. haha.

CARYN QUAH : YES it's YOU! horRIBLE! Haha.You call me blog den i surely will blog one. Waiting for you to ask me blog only. hahaha. Ya also want to take this chance to tell you that you are such a blessing in my life. Whether it is basketball, going out shopping, talking on the phone or whatever, I'm really so happy to have you around. I know sometimes I always say you "whatever" "whatever", but i'm honestly just kidding only ok? You know right? Haha. Like those times where we really joke, laugh like crazy. And also those times that you really share your story with me. I'm so thankful for you! (:

Joy : yaya I read your blog about the marriage thingy already. So cool. But so unrealistic. Haha. just kidding. it's really a nice plan out. (: Hope you can find your prince charming soon ah! hahaha. =p Oh ya why i never update pictures in my blog, is because I don't have any pictures in my computer. hahaha. Only desktop wallpapers. You want? haha.

Basketball Kakis : I AM IN NEED OF BASKETBALL. Haha. I'm really lacking of excerise ya. Lets please organize some bball games to play man. Missing those times when we play like crazy. Cya guys soon!

MAPLE Kakis : YO! haha, you all should know who you are. Don't have to say names right. Yes I'm finally level 50 and I promise to create a guild when I am lv 50 right! It's about time! I need people to create it with me, at least 5 to come online with me together and create. Lets make a time where we can come together and have fun! (: CYA ALL really SOON. haha.

Can't talk about everyone la. haha if not tonight no need sleep. Ya guess I will be signing off already. I'm tired, exhausted, famished, addicted and crazily in LOVE with GOD. (:

Banana a.k.a Shepherdx Out~ bye.

Friday, December 29, 2006 0 comments

Today i managed to wake myself up from a tendious sleep with that fever burning on my head. Went for work at the time of like 8am? I was stoning badly, trying to recover myself from that sleepy sleepy gong gong look. Lets not talk about what happened last night. Maybe it's just another trial. Went to work normally as usual, though i still have that little bit of germs fighting in my body but still i'm fine! praise God for this.

Work was fine, pretty much things to do, and thanks to Sulwyn!! really, i was feeling very restless in the afternoon when i was about to go for lunch. and then she called! Oh my, thank you Sulwyn really, you won't understand how much it means to give someone a call of concern. It really means alot. Though I can't make it out with you for lunch, but i know you do understand right? (: Thank you for being just so different. after that call, i was immediately snapped out of my lerthagicness. Wow, much refreshed. after lunch, i managed to finish all of my work for today and i'm feeling a sense of satisfaction. A feeling of something done to Honour Him, only.

On my way back home, I took out the book I brought out with me this morning. It's "The Heavenly Man" given from pastor Shern. This is one of the book which really grasped my attention when I was wandering around Life Bookshop in Jurong point. Nevertheless, God send someone to get this for me! How wonderful our Lord can be. Thank you so much pastor Shern. I was pondering, will this book be a challenge for me? Because my english isn't of any standard. Haha. I can't imagine if like 75% of the words I'm reading, is those that I can't understand. Oh my, what am I'm gonna do? But praise the Lord, I still took the first step and open the magnificent book. From the preface, foreword and the introduction, I can see that this book wasn't as different as I thought it would be. It was wonderfully interesting, though some are profound but I still catch the meaning of it. (:

One of the line I love was this, "It's not Great man who change the world, but Weak man in the hands of a Great God."
Beautifully described isn't it? Heh. (:

This is my beautiful day. Can't wait for another day of tommorrow! It's YOUTH CAMP AFTERGLOW tommrrow. Oh my, I'm seriously waiting for this day to arrive. Finally! Haha. Randomly, I miss Youth Camp again. ):

PS: Mummy bought me a addidas shorts and a nice straight cut jeans! Ohoh, Love mummy lots lots!!! Haha, it's really one of a rare time she gets something for me!! It's been so long.......!! Still, I love you mummy. (:

I'm not ready. You ain't either.

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hey! it's Christmas! haha, i'm late. but ya MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. it's JESUS's Birthday!

simply love last night's candle light service. It was simply amazing. Never had imagine something like this before. Fabulous! the worship songs, the short preaching of pastor Shern, the enthuiasm of people streaming into Bethel, the joy and the laughters of people rejoicing in the house of God. The FOOD, though I didn't eat much. the photo takings, the giving out of cards! and many many more. haha. Thank GOD everything for what has came last night. It's just so fantastic! (:

One thing I ponder most was what paster Shern had said. What have YOU really done for JESUS this year? What were YOU doing on Christmas day? Sometimes we are simply too busy, or even too focused on the unneccesary stuffs instead of the most important thing in our life, GOD. We could be too focused on writing cards, spending the late nights rushing through all the cards, the decorations and thinking of a way on what to say or write to them. Actually I was wondering, is this how it should be done? Is this really what we should do? Spending the time serving the people instead of GOD. Did we neglect GOD, as we put too much time on the cards, forgetting that it wasn't the people's birthday instead of JESUS's? I'm quite curious, about those that did not write. Is it that they are more focused on GOD, that they wouldp rather not spend this time to write, or is it that they are simply too lazy to even write? There's always a two way side to think eh? How true. Maybe everyone has a reason for something. (:

PS: Thank You everyone for the cards. (:

To LOVE or not to.


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aiya i'm puzzled by why everytime I ask people for basketball games, they would ask me "who" is going, "who" is playing? Actually do we really need to care so much? Does it even matters so much who is playing or who isn't? I just don't get it. Sometimes I ask that question too, how come huh? Why are we asking that as the first question? Are we expecting that someone special to turn up and play, or are we not expecting someone who should not appear? Do we really know? Ask yourself this next time when you ask someone that question again. Maybe we should put ourselves in the shoes of the person organizing a game or something. Imagine if the organizer asks 20 people to come along and play basketball, and the 20 people asked the same question. "Who is going?" "Who is playing?" den how? Do you expect him to reply every single one of them the 19 people's name? He will take at least 1 hour to finish replying everyone lah. Think about it. How does it feel to be in that suitation? Not funny anymore right? Sometimes we tend to think it the easy way, but we never know how tough it is to even get started with. That is why I say playing alone is the best.
or maybe not alone, but with God.

edited : what is taught in youth camp? Slow to anger, abounding in Love.

God's Beloved.
weisheng;18 going 19
Jesus my saviour.



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